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Our Mission

GRO’s passion for serving patients, coupled with its focus on producing the highest and safest quality medical marijuana is quickly proving GRO to be the pioneer industry exemplar. Relying on the paradigm created by sunlight, clean energy, organic agricultural farming, and cost containment, the safest and highest quality medicine reaches those who need it most.

Why We Do It

Global Resource Operations, LLC, was formed by a multi-talented group of passionate individuals dedicated to the health and safety of patients in need of medicinal cannabis.

While protecting patients is GRO’s primary concern, the team is committed to leaving the lowest carbon footprint possible, and is in position to become the first LEED certified cannabis cultivator in the industry. GRO is paving the way to become the industry standard of excellence.

GRO produces the safest medicinal products in the cannabis industry by utilizing nature’s best resource, the sun, as we merge clean energy with organic agriculture methodology in state of the art hybrid greenhouses, ensuring the highest and purest cannabis products available.

Positioned to become the industry leader, GRO uses organic products and no harmful pesticides, including no infusion of dangerous chemicals in the extraction process, thus, producing the highest quality products, which are accessible to consumers at reasonable prices.

Cannabis is a medicine, plain and simple. There are few regulatory agencies that ensure medical marijuana is cultivated and extracted safely. GRO follows FDA standards even though it is not a requirement; therefore we create higher quality products, safer products, and ensure our patients are provided with the healthiest and best options available.


The GRO management team has a combined 200 years of business, scientific, agricultural and cannabis operations/production expertise. The executive team possesses in-depth knowledge of the cannabis industry both nationally and internationally. This is backed by years of field studies in cannabis cultivation, expert general agricultural knowledge, law, finance, marketing and sales providing the capacity for industry-leading production. The team provides compliance knowledge and best practices in order to carry out training programs via standard operating procedures for our staff that instill standardization and consistency in all areas of our operation to guarantee the best results in the market.

Pennsylvania Project

Global Resource Operations, LLC (GRO), with its sister company, Medganics, LLC, is a vertically–integrated medical marijuana project that uses clean energy and organic agricultural methods to cultivate profit in an emerging market. Employing green technology, GRO will cultivate, extract, and dispense the highest quality cannabis-infused products to patients in Pennsylvania. GRO is ready to develop and launch the most technologically advanced cannabis cultivation and extraction facility to manufacture and then dispense in our Medganics dispensaries as well as wholesale to other dispensaries.

About Us


GRO’s executive team’s 200 years of combined expertise, in cannabis cultivation, organic agricultural methodology, law, finance and marketing, create a team unique in the cannabis industry. GRO’s experience utilizing state-of-the-art hybrid greenhouse facilities allow higher production and harvests, along with the safest extraction and processing procedures, creating more sales of safer cannabis than its competitors, with constant legal compliance being protected.

Patient Care

Numerous members of GRO’s executive team are amongst the first 100 holders of an ASA Patient Focused Certification, an industry leader in compliance. GRO is committed to producing the highest quality and safest cannabis medicine in the industry. GRO’s organic farming methodology and extraction and processing operations are performed under one roof, ensuring that the highest quality of cannabis is provided to GRO’s patients.

Green Energy

GRO is committed to leaving the lowest carbon footprint possible, by partnering with clean energy distributers, using sustainable, local materials and implementing sustainable practices throughout its facilities. Further, to minimize environmental impact, GRO is planning the first LEED certified growing operation in the cannabis industry.


The GRO team and its partners offer an array of applicable skill sets from how to set facility components for crop optimization, to nutrient application rates and proper harvesting techniques. Groundbreaking production methodology allows GRO to cultivate premium raw plant material to harvest and process at peak potency, creating the highest quality medical products available.

Exceeding Compliance

GRO’s operations exceed state legal requirements for compliance and consumer expectations, elevating GRO to an industry leader, far ahead of future regulations.

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